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- Split-Wire cape in black faux leather designed for McFarlane Toys "The Batman" Batman action figures. This cape is best for neutral poses and some posability, it features two thin wires with one on each side of the collar leading to the wingtip. Attaches with glue to the collar area, I used Testor’s brush on super glue to attach mine. 

- Replacement Collar - requires removal of stock collar and some modification of the figure's shoulder are may be needed for perfect fit

- Leg Holster

- Sticky Bomb Gun

- Fists (L & R)

- Gripping hands (L & R)

- Open Hands (L & R)


ADVANCED INSTALL - This cape will be more visually accurate than our single wire cape when installed correctly but requires more skill and patience to place perfectly. A dab of glue at each collar point should secure the cape well but adding glue behind the collar and neck will ensure a more seamless fit. Works best with our optional replacement collar.

The Batman - Deluxe Accessory Set

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