Palpatine Brooch

Palpatine Brooch


3d Printed in standard ABS like resin. Available in 1:18, 1:12 with sculpted push on attachment. Available in 1:1 as a blank backed brooch for attachment to be installed by the customer.

  • Made to Order

    Products that may not be completed in stock but materials are in inventory and can quickly be fit in the production schedule. Typically ship in 2-3 weeks. OT-Customs recommends placing seperate orders for "In Stock" or "Preorder" items to prevent slowing down items. OT-Customs will combine orders into one shipment when possible.

  • Cancellation Policy

    All orders are eligible to be changed or canceled by the customer up until fulfillment. Refunds for canceled orders will be deducted a 2.9% fee to cover non-refundable PayPal/Bank fees that OT-Customs pays when refunding an order.

    Exclusions: If an order is canceled for any reason by OT-Customs the customer will receive a refund of the full purchase price.