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Sets include everything you need to make your 1:12 MAFEX Batman perfect.


Each set includes only one, one piece, cowl with your choice of expression. Inventory is limited, one set per customer. Everyone who buys a set from the January 20th 2024 batch will receive exclusive first access to future batches of cowls so you can get one of each expression.


- Head sculpts are designed to pop right on the stock MAFEX Batman 3.0 neck join.

- Shoulders require removal of stock shoulders and revision of the underlying shoulder sculpt, pictures included to show how this is achieved

- Any super glue should work well to secure the new shoulders to the figure

What’s included (prices are cost if these items were available individually):

- 1x Oaty 1:12 TDK Sculpt Adapted to fit MAFEX Batman 3.0 $35

- 1x @unclesam1989 Paint Job $40

- 2x (L & R) Oaty Painted 1:12 Shoulder pads $35

- 1x Drape Cape (pictured) $16.99

- 1x Wired Cape $16.98

Price if ordered separately = $143.97

Optional Expressions:

- Neutral

- Angry

- Talking

Oaty and @unclesam1989 - 1:12 The Dark Knight Upgrade Set

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