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PREORDER - Batch selection corresponds to estimated time to ship.


Designed by Oaty to be the most screen accurate cowl available!


This cowl sculpt is based on a 0.01mm accuracy laser scan of a screen used mold master from the production of The Dark Knight Rises. The scan was personally commissioned by OT-Customs and the screen used prop was hand delivered to the scanning studio by Oaty. The resulting scan gives unmatched accuracy and true screen lineage, this is your chance to own a piece of the films in 1:6 scale.


Pricing details: $50 deposit secures your preorder. Prices listed on options include your deposit funds. For example the total cost of standard cowl is $50 deposit + $170 final payment (due at fulfillment) = $220 total. Prices go up from there depending on options.


Standard Cowls ($220) Includes:

- Cowl

- Integrated neck adapter with magnetically receptive stainless steel plate

- Magnetic neck upgrade (Requires removal of stock rubber ring inside collar, not designed to work with stock cowls)

- Permanently affixed Eye Plate with empty sockets for 1/6 eye balls (EYES NOT INCLUDED) OR Permanently affixed Eye Plate with included custom 4mm eyes.

- No chins included - will accept stock DX19 chin sculpts


Deluxe Cowls ($295) Inlcude:

- Everything included with standard version

- + Four painted chin expressions: Neutral, pursed lips, angry, and talking


Eye Options:

- Empty Sockets for HT Eyes (+$0) - Empty eye sockets printed in flexible resin to accept stock Hot Toys 5mm eyeballs 

- +Custom Eyes (+$35) - Custom painted & cured resin eyeballs with anatomically correct iris and pupil w/ clear cornea in 4mm diameter preinstalled in flexible resin eyelids. Posable.

PAINTED - PREORDER - Screen Accurate - The Dark Knight Cowl

  • Cancellations:

    All orders are eligible to be changed or canceled by the customer up until fulfillment. Refunds for canceled orders will be deducted a 4.5% fee to cover non-refundable PayPal/Bank fees that OT-Customs pays when refunding an order.


    - Orders with completed work preparing to be shipped are not elligible to be cancelled.

    - If an order is canceled by OT-Customs for any reason other than the request of the customer the full purchase price of the order will be returned.

    - OT-Customs will not cancel any order without written notice to the customer.


    No returns, all sales are final. If you have a problem with your order we want to help. Please reach out to us at and we will be happy to work with you on a solution.

    • Orders containing in stock and preorder items will ship when the last preorder item is ready
    • If you want in stock items to ship separately from preorder/made to order items please place separate orders with all the in stock items in one order
    • Occasionally we may split up domestic orders into two shipments at our discretion
    • International orders will only ship separate with separate orders with their own shipping charges


    Overview of availability types

    In Stock - Products with the in stock banner typically ship in 1-2 business days.


    Preorder - Preorder products will have a selection for which quarter the product is estimated to ship in (Q1/Q2/Q3/Q4). This is for the calendar year the order is placed unless otherwise noted.


    Made to order - Will list the estimated lead time in the product description. Shifting demands can lead to this timeline being extended. Please only order if you are okay with the wait!


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