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Due to a last minute cancellation, I have one full Oaty X DX19 ready to ship in Febuary.


For sale is a fully customized Hot Toys DX19 one sixth scale action figure. Pricing includes a $328 deposit which will be used to secure your copy of the figure plus $500 for the parts and labor. This set includes $540 worth of parts if ordered separately so you are receiving parts + labor at a discount over ordering and installing yourself. Oaty assumes all risks of installation and will be guaranteeing a like new fit and finish for all modifications.


What’s included:



Complete new Hot Toys DX19 including all parts and accessories excluding stock head sculpt with posable eyes and stock neck assembly. Includes brown shipper. Will ship double boxed.

Figure Modifications

  • Cape attachment mod - revised cape attachment at collar to allow cape to sit behind collar Kevlar
  • Collar Kevlar mod - Collar Kevlar swapped from left to right and rotate 90 degrees to be more accurate
  • Cod piece mod - revised height and position to shorten the visual length of the torso and correct the position of the belt to hide the lowest portion of ab armor
  • Gauntlet & Glove Mod (OPTIONA if you prefer the TDKRises look) - heated and stretched gauntlet openings, all swappable hands will have the cuff carved off so they can sit inside the gauntlet. This can be confirmed at the time of final payment.


Parts ($540 worth of parts included!) - All parts are painted and preinstalled where applicable

  • 2023 screen accurate cowl & neck upgrade with custom posable eyes, and four custom chin sculpts, also fits all stock chins ($330 value)
  • DX19 specific neck upgrade for use with stock sonar head sculpt ($35 value)
  • Neck sleeve for use with Bruce Wayne sculpt ($35 value)
  • Painted empty cowl ($35 value)
  • Two-piece shoulder pads ($60 value)
  • Drape cape ($45 value)


60-day Warrantee & Accidental Damage Coverage

  • Free replacement parts or repairs if anything goes wrong in the first 90 days after delivery
    • Repair or replacement determined at Oaty's discretion​
    • To limit abuse of the replacement option Oaty may require return or verified destruction of defective part based on Oaty's discretion. This will depend on the reason for the issue (defective/accidental), condition of the part, and type of part.
    • Oaty reserves the right to retain and resell any replaced parts as Scrapyard items


Lifetime Support

  • Beyond 60 days Oaty will provide paid repair and replacement services to be coordinated between Oaty and customer directly.
  • Oaty reserves the right to retain and resel any replaced parts Scrapyard items

1x Feb Shipment - Oaty x DX19

    • Orders containing in stock and preorder items will ship when the last preorder item is ready
    • If you want in stock items to ship separately from preorder/made to order items please place separate orders with all the in stock items in one order
    • Occasionally we may split up domestic orders into two shipments at our discretion
    • International orders will only ship separate with separate orders with their own shipping charges


    Overview of availability types

    In Stock - Products with the in stock banner typically ship in 1-2 business days.


    Preorder - Preorder products will have a selection for which quarter the product is estimated to ship in (Q1/Q2/Q3/Q4). This is for the calendar year the order is placed unless otherwise noted.


    Made to order - Will list the estimated lead time in the product description. Shifting demands can lead to this timeline being extended. Please only order if you are okay with the wait!


  • Cancellations:

    All orders are eligible to be changed or canceled by the customer up until fulfillment. Refunds for canceled orders will be deducted a 4.5% fee to cover non-refundable PayPal/Bank fees that OT-Customs pays when refunding an order.


    - Orders with completed work preparing to be shipped are not elligible to be cancelled.

    - If an order is canceled by OT-Customs for any reason other than the request of the customer the full purchase price of the order will be returned.

    - OT-Customs will not cancel any order without written notice to the customer.


    No returns, all sales are final. If you have a problem with your order we want to help. Please reach out to us at and we will be happy to work with you on a solution.

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