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Designed by Oaty this codpiece is designed to replace the stock piece while being more accurately scaled, providing a more athletic silhouette. 





- Unpainted 3D Print

     - Fully prepped and ready to paint

- Painted

    - Hand painted with contrasting metallic details

     - Painted by Oaty's artists

- Scrapyard Painted

    - Painted copies with minor paint or printing defects that we deam wont take away from the end result despite not being up to production standards



- ROTJ Clean (Pictured on figure)

     - Designed to replicate the ROTJ/ESB look in a pristine condition

- ROTJ Creased

    - Same as clean with added sculpted creases to mimick the used look of the real prop

- Obiwan Kenobi

    - Details and waviness to the leather texture more accurate to the Obiwan Kenobi TV show appearance of Darth Vader


Attachment (Painted Only):

- Velcro Only

     - Velcro on back of codpiece attaches to velcro on crotch of figure

- Velcro + Straps

    - Velcro to attach to figures crotch

     - Prop accurate faux leather straps w/ velcro closure at back

1:6 Darth Vader Codpiece

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