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PREORDER - Estimated availability in Q2 2022


Custom tailored hooded robe in olive green. Available in four sizes and as a set of four.


Man - Designed for Aragorn and will work for an eventual Boromir or Gandalf

Elf - Same size as "Man" with hole cut for Legolas' Quiver

Dwarf - Sized for figures that are natural sprinters, very dangerous over short distances

Hobbit - Designed for Frodo and eventual Sam, Merry and Pippin

Set of four - One of each listed above, will provide one cloak for all currently released Fellowship figures.


1:10 Fellowship Cloak - Lord of the Rings

  • All orders are eligible to be changed or canceled by the customer up until fulfillment. Refunds for canceled orders will be deducted a 4% fee to cover non-refundable PayPal/Bank fees that OT-Customs pays when refunding an order.

    Exclusions: If an order is canceled for any reason by OT-Customs the customer will receive a refund of the full purchase price.

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