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Some in stock and preorder products are available to order now!

Final 2020 Sith & Jedi Robes, Beskar Mandalorian Figures, and Mandalorian Capes & Totes are currently in production. If you have a question about your order please email OT-Customs at

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Some say OT-Customs was named after founder Tim "Ol' Tim" G. Others say the OT in OT-Customs stands for "Original Trilogy". The truth is no one will ever know for sure.

Tim grew up as a huge fan of Star Wars, Batman, and collecting toys in the mid 90s. Around the turn of the millennia while the Lord of the Rings, Star Wars Prequels, and Battlefront games were first on his mind Tim began to realize many toys weren't as good as they could be. This is where the the devotion to the ideal of a perfect figure began.

It started with simple painting of figures. Correcting a figure's hair color, refinishing the figure to make it less shiny, or re-sculpting or adding parts for accuracy. Over the years Tim modified figures and vehicles from Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and The Dark Knight Trilogy. As a child the modifications always required a tight budget. As Tim got older his interest in toys began to wane.

This all changed when a new Battlefront Game was announced for 2015. As a young professional early in his career this instantly reminded Tim of the years playing the original two Battlefront games. He was immediately on board and decided he would get the best copies of Luke, Leia, Han, and Vader in 3.75" scale as a way to celebrate the return of the Battlefront franchise. It was supposed to stop there...

After a few years of collecting older TVC collection figures someone suggested that Tim make an Instagram page to discuss figures and customizing.

Founded in 2018, OTCustoms2016 is where the customizing journey really began. It started very much the way Tim remembered it from his childhood, repainting a 3.75" Luke figure, swapping parts to make a perfect Boba Fett, or making upgraded soft goods. The first product OT-Customs ever offered was a fabric Tunic for the VC23  Luke Skywalker (Endor Capture) which is still available today.

Tim seriously got into the 6" scale in 2018 with the release of the MAFEX Batman 3.0. This launched a quest for perfection that lead Tim to buy his first 1:6 scale figure, a Hot Toys DX12, in Early 2019, and eventually 1:4 scale with the Hot Toys QS001 and Enterbay Batman figures in early 2020. This lead to a full line of products in every scale and new skills in painting, sculpting, and tailoring.

Launched in April 2020, was born of the COVID-19 pandemic and created as a new platform for OT-Customs to sell directly to the customer. We now feature capes, tunics, robes, accessories, and full custom figures from 3.75" to 1:4 scale.

It's not certain what the future holds for OT-Customs, but 3D sculpting and 3D printing are next on the short list of skills for Tim to learn and products for OT-Customs to offer.

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